Written by Glenn Edley it leaves his desk every Monday, including holidays, by 9am (NZ time). Over the years he has given his thoughts on anything from; “Hospitals and Head Injuries” to “The meaning of Christmas” to “What my cellphone taught me” and “The Lost Arts”. He didn’t missed a Monday for over ten years, and recently kickstarted it back into life.

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I have received your motivators (maxi and mini versions!) for more than two years and I only have complimentary things to say about them. They are always so timely in my case and applicable to an everyday situation. Good job. I will continue to receive and read them, many thanks.

Hi Glenn,
I practice Shorinji Kempo which is a Japanese Martial Art and a big part of our training is mental discipline.
At the start of every training we practice meditation for roughly 15mins, and the most interesting/shocking part is at the end of the meditation (when you are far off in a distant mediative state) the teacher slams a stick on its side, on the wooden floor which makes a super loud bang!
And for the first 6 months the sudden noise would rip right through you, but through repetition it no longer has that effect. The idea behind it is to train us to get calm and stay calm, even through super loud sudden noises.
Bit of a long story, but I could relate to your MM and it made me laugh when you explained how the babies scream could have such a brutal impact 🙂
Have a great week.


Hi Glenn. Just a quick note to tell you I really enjoyed your MondayMotivator this morning – if only all people thought/acted like that! A reminder every now and again is great. Have a super Monday.

Dear Glenn
Thanks for your emails and I have to thank Leighton Smith for talking about you and thus my signing up for the Monday Motivator.
As a result of your prodding and needling me to clarify things I have now started to pursue my dream and it’s a lot harder than I thought, requiring skills that I am now acquiring, albeit slowly, but acquiring, and clarifying things in the process.
So thanks, I think. I’ve got off the couch, taken a risk, started a business, am really busy, seem to be spending money rather than making it at the moment and deliriously happy about to launch into making fudge and hand-made chocolates.
I’m tired, happy and it beats working for a living. – well so far.
So thanks for the push Glenn. I’ll stop needling you about your grammar. I’ve things to do.
Regards and Merry Christmas.


Hi Glenn, from the getting-colder North.
I would go a step further…
You say “I encourage the team to challenge me on things because I am not always right”.
In fact it goes further than this. It is not a case of you being right or wrong. There is always a better answer. For your company to be successful you need the better answer.
If all the ideas are yours, the team isn’t growing in capability.
The ‘team’ should be contributing to the input, not just the challenge. 1 + 1 = 3. The power of collaborative thinking.