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YourMondayMotivator: 5 things I’ve learned from 10 years of writing the MondayMotivator

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Every Monday morning a reminder pops up that says: Write the best MondayMotivator in the world. Inspire people and get them to think and grow.

That reminder has been there for over 10 years now and I haven’t missed a Monday. Sick in bed, no internet, on holiday etc, I’ve somehow sent a MondayMotivator.

I’ve learned a lot about myself and met a lot of good people. This email was started because: my Life was on shaky ground, I wanted to start the week off positively, I wanted to stay in touch with all the business contacts I made with something other than sales and marketing stuff, but most of all it was the discipline of writing every Monday that anchored my week and therefore my Life.

Here’s the 5 things I feel are important after 10 years and are in no particular order.

1. Do it for the right reasons, for YOU.
These reasons can range from saving your butt to helping others to making $$. But make sure the reason is yours and it will make it easier to put up with the stuff that is bound to come your way.

2. I can stick to something.
I’ve been a lot of things in my life and had the label that I’m ‘easily distracted’ applied to me. Labels are hard to shake but I’m thinking that after writing the MondayMotivator for 10 years, yup, I can stick to something and be consistent. That discipline has flowed through to the rest of my life.

3. You CAN make a difference.
I’ve had the most amazing feedback and conversations from sending the MondayMotivator. It’s been humbling to receive emails that say I’ve really touched on something for a person.

4. There is a LOT you don’t know you don’t know.
Researching for MondayMotivators has taken me to some very interesting places and I’ve learned things about the World and People I never knew existed. The internet is a wonderful place to learn and Wikipedia is the start, not the finish, for your investigations.

5. Change for the sake of Change is not always good.
Digging deeper into relationships, asking more questions and learning more can be a way to get more from what you do and who you’re with. Change upsets a lot of people. Yourself included. Our minds are made in such a way that we like to think we can see into the future. We can’t and we can’t rely on what we think something will be like in the future, because it won’t be.

And one more thing.

6. Know when to quit.
Over the past year or so the MondayMotivator has become something I have to do rather than something I want to do. It’s become a chore. I’ve followed my own advice but, as it was pointed out to me recently, the messages are no longer powerful. So this will be the last MondayMotivator.

That was hard to write. This, and you have been a big part of my life for over 10 years. Some people have been receiving them for over 10 years. That’s amazing. I really appreciate being let in to someone’s space every week and I’ve never taken it for granted. I preach your database is gold and it should be treated as such because it’s people, not ‘businesses’, people.

Thank you being part of my Life and making it richer. But most of all, thank you for reading and just before I go here is a quote from one of my first MondayMotivators:

“In the long run, men hit only what they aim at. Therefore… they had better aim at something high.” Henry David Thoreau.

Thanks for reading. Aim high.

Glenn Edley

YourMondayMotivator: I survived the weekend with a 2½ year old

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This past weekend was the first time I have been on Daddy Duty for an extended period. With Number One away with our baby for a few days it was just me and Alba.

Did it go well?

The short answer is yes. We survived.

It didn’t start too well from my point of view, I was late to pick her up from Kindy, stuck in traffic, but she was stoked to have me pick her up and we had a good afternoon / evening.

Once all the tradies had left our house sweeping up the mess was fun. Not so much fun for me. I like the rubbish to go into the bin, not around it or somewhere near it. Great helping though Alba!

What impressed me was just how much moxie she has in the face of a Daddy Challenge. Like, let’s go chop firewood. Yay! Or let’s go to work and take the last parts off the car. Yay! Let’s move the old fridge without scratching up the floor. Yay!

An iPad, a toy and carbonated water proved a winner at work.


Armed with her earmuffs she was amazingly helpful with the firewood. Pulling bits from under the house for me to chop up. Pushing the long bits along for me so I could cut them. She even got her first splinter and bravely let me pull it out with tweezers.

We danced and went for a walk in our gumboots. Laughed a lot and battled over bedtime.

So what does this mean for you this morning? You’ve read this far and probably thought, that’s nice. Well done.

I was not sure it would go well but faced with no choice I had to crack into it. No choice was the difference. No choice is what you should give yourself from time to time. Faced with a challenge, don’t give yourself a way out and you will just do it.

Choices can paralyse. Narrow them down as soon as possible in any situation and you will make faster, better decisions. It will take a bit of practice but armed with a goal that stretches you it will become a great habit. Start today!

YourMondayMotivator: Go with your gut

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Over the weekend I watched a TED talk by a Porsche guy I’ve been following for some time now, Magnus Walker.

Magnus’ talk was about going with your gut and following your passion. “Porsche Passion” for him recently.

One thing that stood out from his talk was when he said that when things get a bit awkward, that’s a sign to follow your gut, take a leap of faith.

I believe that things that push you to grow are generally uncomfortable, awkward and do require a “leap of faith”. It’s generally not that big a leap once you’ve made it though.

Sometimes you might look back and wonder when you made the decision that lead you to where you are. Because sometimes it’s as easy as saying sure, why not. And others it’s standing on a cliff ready to jump.

The difference is though that jumping off a cliff is a defining moment. Saying, sure why not is just you being lead by others because it’s easy.

Passion, drive and enthusiasm are the lifeblood of any venture. To get those feelings though you generally have to have an idea of success for that venture. What does that venture mean, to you?

Defining what success means to you is something you’ve probably only paid lip service to. But doing so stops drifting and keeps you focused. The first thing that pops into your mind when you ask yourself that question is not the answer. It takes a little more thought than that.

Magnus and his wife realised their definition was:

“Success is the freedom to do whatever you want to do.”
– Magnus Walker


Define what success means to you and life will change. You will find your passion, stop drifting and focus. Take the time. It’s worth it. You’re worth it.

Have a great week.

YourMondayMotivator: Let go, now

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There are always things. Small things, things that really got under your skin, that you can’t let go.

Problem is, these things are parasites. They burrow. They get deeper. They latch onto a vein somewhere and live out of sight for the most part. Until they’re not.

They’re here. Right now in front of you like a spectre from a horror movie. Damn right they’re scary. That’s not what they looked like when you buried them. And they certainly weren’t that BIG.

I have to work hard to let things go. It’s not something that comes natural. “Just let it go,” people say. If only it were that easy, right?

People get hurt when you can’t let things go. Sometimes the person who utters those four words find themselves incurring the wrath you’re feeling. That’s not cool.

Here’s a few tips for letting things go. They will require you to think about them a lot for a few days so they pop into your head when you need them most.

1. Reframe the situation – look for the positive. As trite as that might sound it works. There is always a positive to take away from any situation.

Stop. Before you stop reading and hit reply with your story. Think about this. It’s your story. It’s how you see yourself in the world. Unless it’s inspiring you and others to move forward and grow, it’s not a good story. Find the good. If you can’t, ask someone close to you to do so. There is always something good you can latch onto you might be seeing yourself.

2. Hit delete. If a situation upsets you when you think about it say, “delete, delete, delete” in your head and move onto something else. I do this and I think it works. This takes a lot of repetition for certain events and time is the healer then.

3. Smile at the idiot. Smiling stops you from forming anything but a happy thought. If the idiot is you, smile in the mirror. If the idiot is someone else, still smile. It might halt your escalation of a situation.

So just a few tips I trust you will find helpful. If not, I’ll be trying to kickstart your thinking next Monday. I wonder what I’ll write then.


YourMondayMotivator: Finding time for the fundamentals

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It is a great morning if you live somewhere where you woke up to a cold but glorious day. No rain!

Took this photo as I was leaving home this morning. Love the moss on our fence posts. It’s the little things right?


So, finding time for the fundamentals. Who does that anymore?


You should be bucking the trend of complication, simplifying and being the best at the basics.


Because no one else is. No one else is focusing on the basics. The most successful real estate agents I know make the most calls. Simple.

Doing what you say when you said you were going to do it, in the manner with which you promised, is easy if you’re keeping things simple.

Anything you do that puts off doing the basics and getting them right is not research, optimising, or testing, it’s procrastination. The fundamentals of what you do will never change. Your attitude towards them does. Embrace them. Be the best at them and you will kick arse.

YourMondayMotivator: I love it when a plan comes together

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This week sees the culmination of an eight month thought-process and the next steps starting to complete the plan.

It feels great.

No more “gonna”. No more “I’ll believe it when I see it.” It’s game on.

You might have guessed already that it’s car stuff. It is. Behold the mighty Peugeot 205 GTI, which I will be racing in the 2k Cup.


I’ve thought long and hard about even racing and the car I was going to use was a big decision. However, it was made slightly easier by knowing a team who raced a 205 in the 2k Cup and did quite well. By well I mean they finished high up the standings, the car was in one piece and they have spent a heap of time knowing what works.

So quickly today, because it’s late in the day, plans and lists work. This has been proven to me time and time again. I find them really hard to do and then follow to. It’s a discipline you need to practice though, because it makes things slightly more predictable.

This aspect is mostly for those around you. “Here’s what happens next and here’s how much that costs in time / money etc.” can go a long way to developing good, honest relationships and keeping them that way.

This week: pick a goal. Make your list backwards to where you are right now and do the first thing on the list.

My first step was choose a car. Tick.
Next step. Find a car (this took months). Tick.
Next step. Buy the car. Tick.
Make it simple and you’ll do it.

YourMondayMotivator: Lying for no reason

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Lying. We all do it. Yes we do.

No matter how mellifluous the voice used to tell them and innocuous the label – white lies, fibs etc. They are still lies and they will catch you out.

Lying seems to start when you don’t want to get in trouble for kicking your sister or breaking a family heirloom. “It wasn’t me?!” Well it wasn’t Santa Claus.

I think we get pretty good at it as kids, the threat of a wooden spoon will do that, and the reason we continue boils down to the same reason – fear.

Fear of loss, punishment or pain or being alone. Even though sometimes we just want to be left alone and out comes the biggest lie of all – I’m fine.

“The average person tells 4 lies a day or 1460 a year; a total of 87,600 by the age of 60. And the most common lie is: I’m fine.”

Someone once told me I had to try and be honest and kind at the same time. No need to lie and nothing you have to remember you said to one person, and another, and another.

It takes a lot less energy to be honest. Being kind at the same time? That takes some thought, but is a lot easier and will add a lot to your relationships.

Next time you hear a fib or lie pass your lips, think about why you’re saying it. What are you in fear, of and should you be afraid? The answer will generally be no.

Face your fears, be honest and kind at the same time and watch the lines fall from your face and the furtive looks over your shoulder stop.

YourMondayMotivator: What keeps you awake?

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Can’t sleep from the thoughts in my head.

Recently I wrote about exciting things like learning new skills that keep you awake at night. But what about the other thoughts that keep you awake. The ones you would rather didn’t?

You replay events in your mind and they change with different scenarios that end differently. They might go your way or they might not. You worry about your lists, your job, your sales calls. And boom, it’s midnight and you’re not going to get the sleep you need to function well the next day.

Why does that happen? And why does it happen just as you want to sleep. How do you stop the thoughts and sleep?

Psychologists have said this happens because we have trained our brains that going to bed is a cue to start thinking. Bed can be the cue that sets the tossing and turning and thinking off.

So how do you stop them keeping you awake?

  • A journal has worked for me in the past. Jotting down what you need to do tomorrow or closing off what happened today can help settle your mind.
  • Saying to yourself you’re a good sleeper.
  • Only going to bed when you’re sleepy not just rundown or lacking energy.
  • Using your bed to sleep. Turn the phone onto airplane mode, read in the lounge, etc.
  • Wake up at the same time each morning.

Facebook’s study of how content in your newsfeed has an effect on your emotions has proven that what content you consume, or are aware off, does affect you. So watching an action movie just before you to bed probably isn’t going to be helpful.

If you are a “bad” sleeper try the above, tell yourself you’re a great sleeper and enjoy a well earned sleep each night.

YourMondayMotivator: Programming and problem solving

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Last week a good friend said I should write a co-driver training app so I can learn to code.

Really? I have people who know way more about that stuff than me working either at Spike or our suppliers.

Yup. Get into it. It will be good for you to learn how to do it.

Over the years I’ve built lots of emails and websites, but today’s responsive code is waaaay above my head. Anyway, I said OK and we drew up a plan. He gave me some steps I should follow and then he made sure he wasn’t connected to a place he could easily access my code.

I started here.


This is what it currently looks like.


To get to where I am today I have had to learn a lot. CSS and Javascript are not friend but I’ve made buttons change colour, moved objects around a page and made buttons do something when you click them. It’s exciting. It’s head scratching.

However last night I was wrestling with a problem that I could not let go. I knew if I went to bed without solving it I wouldn’t sleep. I solved it just before midnight. Midnight!

And that’s when I had an epiphany. I’m very knowledgable about email marketing and generally, any problem that comes up I’ve seen before and know the answer. No thinking required.

But I realised that doesn’t stretch me. Not. At. All. And doing what you do everyday won’t be stretching you either.

Learning about co-driving and how to run a racing car stretched me a bit. But it’s cars. I know cars. I like cars. That’s not a big stretch.

This kind of coding though is a huge step outside my everyday life. It uses something that is very logical to make things happen and requires a huge amount of time to research and test. It’s tiring too. I really have to think.

So, %%First_Name%%, what are you doing to really streeeetch yourself? What are you doing that requires you to think in a completely different way to what you generally do? A way that isn’t easy for you. A way that means you’ve stopped being complacent, comfortable, stagnant.

What are you doing? If the answer is nothing try something now. Try coding. You will be very surprised at the joy making a button change colour brings you.

YourMondayMotivator: Questions. Lots of questions

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It’s Monday and I’m not on top form, thanks Kindy cold, and yet I’ve come into work when some wouldn’t.

A lot do mind you and that can sometimes not be good either. Air conditioned offices have a way of spreading everything around so using your sick days could be considerate for your co-workers.

This morning I got a coffee, wandered over the road, and started thinking about today’s MondayMotivator.

Several questions popped into my head I thought I would share because I’m sure a lot of people have the same ones.

Why do I turn up at work? Why do I think about clients and campaigns and sending emails? (enter your product or service here) Why? And what do I want from this? Who do I want to help?

The last two are important no matter what position you hold. If you’re not clear what you want from doing something you’re drifting. Drifting has only one direction – backwards. There is only one sort of drifting in which going backwards means you’re going forwards.

Car Drifting

Who do you want to help? That’s important because helping someone get what they want fast tracks you to getting what you want – especially when the relationship / help is structured properly.

That doesn’t mean you’re ruthless about who you help. Helping someone and expecting nothing back is good for you because you always get something back. You get a warm feeling. You feel good. You feel happy and that little smirk of satisfaction can last a long time.

This week have a think about these questions. Write them on a post-it note and stick them to your screen or fridge. Mull them over and then write the answers down. They might surprise you and help stop the drifting.