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Be Your Weird Self

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This is an excellent commencement speech by Chris Sacca.

His last piece of advice — be your weird self.

That’s a great piece of advice. Your weird self is the one that requires no effort, has no pretence and wears a smile — most of the time.

Chris Sacca went from $4 Million USD in the hole to zero in 2005, and is one of the most successful venture capitalists today. He’s well worth the 28 minutes.

The Law of Singularity

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A repost of Richard Koch’s Law of Singularity article to remind myself and you, that sometimes there is only one way to save your business or brand.

One way.

And it’s usually really, really hard to do. So hard that some executives will put it off and put it off until it’s too late and they’re out of business.

If you’re struggling with a brand that’s not performing I recommend you read and then re-read the case studies in Richard’s article. They are an excellent prompt to finding the one way to kick start an ailing/failing brand.

Sign up for Richard’s blogposts here. Always a good read.

Value vs Distraction

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In my opinion Tech entrepreneurs who invent websites, social media things aren’t ‘real’ entrepreneurs. They are not creating anything of ‘real’ value.

They are creating distractions.

And humans love being distracted. ‘Real’ entrepeneurs bring about change and create value. Yes there is value in creating a distraction but sooner or later someone has to do something or things do not get done.