Glenn EdleyGlenn Edley is the CEO of Spike and author of the MondayMotivator, a weekly inspirational email sent to thousands of avid readers every Monday without fail, and even on holidays, for 10 years.

After Glenn left high school he joined the RNZAF where he trained and worked as a Technician for three years. Shortly after leaving the Air Force Glenn worked in Vehicle and Home Security before finding his niche in the IT industry. Glenn started SpikeIT in 2004 which he rebranded as Spikemail in 2006, and recently Spike, to focus on managed email marketing.

Glenn lives with his beautiful wife, daughter and son, plays the guitar when he can, and enjoys mucking around with cars.

Glenn aims to help businesses use email marketing to grow by sending;

Email with purpose – which means email marketing aligned to business goals.
It means campaigns that get real results.
It means measuring and constant improvement.
It means guaranteed ROI.
And it’s about building buyers, not just lists

It’s a big goal, there is a lot of education and work to put in, but we all have to try and put our own ‘dent in the Universe’.

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