YourMondayMotivator: Teamwork and Communication. Thoughts from the weekends Ecolight Targa Sprint.

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  • March 3, 2014

Communication plays a big part in our everyday lives. It can bring us information quickly. It can make us happy or sad or angry.

Miscommunication plays just as big a part and can lead to arguments, or in the case of racing, a big crash.

Over the weekend I co-drove in the Ecolight Targa Sprint Tour. It’s an event where you can drive your sports car on closed roads at very high speeds. It’s not a race. It’s a fun event with the emphasis on fun and safety. It was fantastic and I learned a lot.


Targa is a blind rally run with a route book and no reconnaissance. You have to drive the road as you see it with minimal notes and directions. So even though we weren’t racing we had to know what was coming up. Be it a flat out open corner or a hairpin just over the brow of a hill.

So here’s what I learned very quickly at very high speeds and asking veterans a lot of questions.

Quick communication
You need to have a language you can both understand

Meaning / Clarity
When you say something does the other person understand it instantly

Did they hear you?
Make sure you have acknowledgement or repeat what you said.

Distance shortens a lot when moving at high speed – do you know what’s ahead?
Knowing before you get to a caution will put you in a good position to bring your car home in one piece.

The above applies directly to your work and family communication. You need to take the job of being a Co-Driver seriously to get yourself and your team home. We are all Co-Drivers in one relationship or another and I think the list above is a good start to help you being a great one.