YourMondayMotivator: I’m late!

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  • January 10, 2011

Man I’m late today. First day back at work, new staff member and one of our machines (the main one) decides not to start up.


After a quick run to my Apple supplier (not an orchardist) with the machine and sticking my tongue in the right direction it was fixed.


We are back in business but it’s 1.30pm and I still haven’t written the MondayMotivator. Arrgh!

Something occurred during this really surprised me – I didn’t swear or even get that upset <== read that as angry. It surprised me so much I noted it out loud. Maybe my 2010 goal of not to swear by the end of 2010 is working ... Lauren's Nana might disagree though, she says bloody and bugger are swear words which would mean I've blown it already. Doh! I believe technology is meant to help us do more, more efficiently. It, the machine and connectedness it brings, is integrated with us so much that when it breaks down it really effects us. In fact I think we are almost addicted to it and it is almost a physical pain when it stops doing what it supposed to do. Maybe that’s just me … So what did today teach me? I think even the most outrageous goals like stopping swearing can happen because I am thinking more about what comes out of my mouth. And I’m really happy Mike (IT guy) got us into backing up all the time so nothing was lost. Have a great week.
My best.