Incredible Auto Parts Art by James Corbett

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  • August 10, 2010

These items below were all fabricated from junk 1950 and 1960
automobile parts by a gentleman in
Australia. Very creative guy.


This is the man that converts parts of cars scrapped sculptures
worth thousands of dollars.v The Australian artist James Corbett,
46-year-old creates these sculptures using salvaged old car parts.


One of the pieces, a ram of spark plug, sold for a
whopping $23,000.


His sculptures are made of gears, spark plugs, exhaust,
radiator, anything that the artist can achieve.


After spending weeks dedicated to locate suitable pieces, James
meticulously cleaned every part and welds them together.


He said: "I was working in a warehouse of scrap and type I know,
that ran races stock cars, showed me a Trophy winner fact with
levers of change."  "I looked at it and I thought that I could do
a much better job so I started making my own sculptures."


"After a period of time, people began to become more and more
in what I was doing and now what do I win me life, is a dream
come reality."


"On average, each piece takes a little over two weeks of work,
but the larger pieces can take much longer”, he says.


Corbett lives in Ningi, Queensland, Australia with his wife Jodie.


Sculptures using pieces of old cars; the French and British cars
are James’ favorites to retrieve.


James says that welding and the sculpture of the parts is not the
part that consumes most time of the artist.  "Often the longest
part of the process is finding old parts suitable for sculpture."


The sculptor is exhibiting his work in the Gallery John Davies in
Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, England, until December 19.


"My two favorite pieces I've created for this exhibition are the
ram and the wild boar,” he says.