When unsubscribes go bad: Feijoa Frenzy Friday – Cocktail Giveaway

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  • November 5, 2009

I received the email below today and because I got it twice decided to unsubscribe one of my email addresses.


However when I did it went to this page;

Picture 4.png

Here’s where I got a bit confused. Who is Buyers Network? Aren’t I on the VNC Cocktails list? Why does it say Register Now?

Then I noticed the mobile number had an asterix by it. To me an asterix means that that field is mandatory.

I thought I would see what happened if I left the field empty and clicked the unsubscribe button. Click. Oh what’s this? The number field is mandatory.

Picture 1.png

That’s annoying and I’m fairly certain asking me for my mobile number when I want to leave your list does not comply with the Anti-spam Act.

This is not a good example of an unsubscribe.

May as well keep going so I entered my phone number and it went to this page.

Picture 5.png

It thanks me for my interest. Interest in what?

Few concerns for me here;

  • Why am I going to a website that has nothing to do with what I originally signed up for?
  • Why did I have to enter my mobile number? If someone from one of these companies comes back and says it was to confirm who I was I will be thinking you’re an idiot. There are better ways to confirm that. What if I had used an old phone number and couldn’t unsubscribe?
  • The page has Register Now on it. Have I just been registered for something else? I will be pissed if I have.

This is an interesting case and I will update this post if something comes of it.