Just a thought but wouldn’t this be a good idea Vision 6 …

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  • October 15, 2009

Vision 6 is one of Australia’s biggest email marketing companies and I really value their information. They have access to a lot of data for the Australian market that is useful for me.

So when I get an email asking me to download a metrics report I’m in.

However I think they could have done one thing a bit better.

When you go online and fill in the form it’s great; my info is mostly filled out, they know me and I only have to fill in my position and country.

I clicked submit and go to this page

Again this is good. Then it goes a little bit pear shaped because if you click ‘go back’ to go back to the original sign up form you can submit it again and again. A spammer might take advantage of this but that’s another story.

What would have made this better would have been either a ‘close this window’ link or even better, a link that takes you back to something interesting on their website.

They missed an opportunity to market to me a bit more or inform me some more while I waited for my report to arrive via email. I would have stayed on their site for some time if what they showed me was interesting.

Maybe next time.