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  • October 6, 2009

I got this great email from QV today. Why is it great? Because I could find out what's been happening to my homes value for free. Yay!

It's so good I thought I would share it with everyone. However when I clicked on the "View online" link to get the online version it went nowhere. Actually it went to this page, http://adjix.com/vapv, but as you can see there is nothing there. So either we have a Smartmail failure, which I doubt, or it hasn't been connected properly.

Couple of things I thought I would mention about this email:

1. Great offer that I wanted to share.
2. They haven't made any use of their preheader at all – don't think Smartmail allows you to do that though because once the template is set, it's set, and you just type in your content. (feel free to correct me on this)
3. When I added in my email address to get the free bit they asked if I wanted to receive emails. I'm already on the the list so why am I getting asked again?
4. I've been on this list for ages so why isn't it personalised – pretty sure they have that information.

Final thoughts: Good email that with just a bit more thought could have worked even better for QV.

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Find out what's been happening to your home's value for FREE


You might have noticed there's been a lot of talk recently about what the property market's been doing. Even if you're not looking to buy or sell right now, it's still good to know what your place is worth – and how changes to the market are affecting its value.

With QV's 'My House Value Tracker', it's easy to keep track of the value of your biggest asset – your home. Not only do you get an instant snapshot of your home's current estimated market value, you can also see how it's changed over the last two years. What's even better is that you can keep on tracking your home's value for the next 12 months.

As a special offer this report is now FREE to view until 25 October 2009. So to find out what's been happening to your home's value visit www.qv.co.nz/freereport now.


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