Weekly Relationship Tip from John Aiken – would work in business too.

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  • August 11, 2009
Greetings everyone,

Relationship Tip #8 – Turn and talk back!

We can often get into a rut whereby our partner talks to us but we don’t respond back. It might be that we’re busy with other things, we didn’t quite catch what they said, we’re too tired and angry, or simply can’t be bothered. It’s time to shake this up and remember the following:

*Turn and Talk Back*

This week, I want you to make the effort to respond to every little response that gets sent in your direction. It might be a simple question, an observation, a throwaway remark. Whatever their response, turn and talk back. Acknowledge what has been said regardless of how small it might seem. It connects you both and makes your partner feel important.

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